"Gail and I are award-winning dollmakers.  Gail has earned the title of Master of Dollmaking from the Doll Artisan Guild School of Dollmaking and Shirleyann has earned the title of Grand Master of Dollmaking.  Shirleyann has also completed the Doll Restoration Seminar Program from the Doll Artisan Guild School of Dollmaking as well, and is qualified to to make museum quality repairs on composition and porcelain dolls and other porcelain collectibles."

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"It is certainly worth mentioning also that Rainbow Treasures is the only doll shoppe in Southern Ontario  that carries a full line of products for the porcelain dollmaker.  Our products include  porcelain, greenware from over 1000 different molds, china paints, brushes, eyes, wigs. mohair, tools, eyes, stringing elastic, hooks, etc.  We have many unusual and hard-to-find items and if we don't have what you need, just ask us and we will help you find it."

"We would all like to welcome you to our website. My name is Shirleyann, as some of you may already know. I hope you'll spend some time here and get to know us all a little better. My sister Gail and myself are intstructors here at Rainbow Treasures. We try to make everyone feel welcome, students and shoppers alike."


"Our students enjoy the opportunity to create a wide range of dolls, decorative porcelains and gifts in a warm and friendly atmosphere."



As a child I had no interest whatsoever in dolls. I had two brothers, one older and one younger than myself and I was more interested in toy trains and construction vehicles than dolls.
When my mother and father went to move out of our childhood home, mom came across a box of old dolls from her childhood. I was fascinated by these china and leather dolls, but they needed much repair. Mom wanted to give them away or throw them out - but I objected strenuously. I told her that I would fix them. This really was a laugh because at that time I couldn't even sew on a button, let alone fix a doll.
Ten years later, she was still waiting. But so was I. I had researched the dolls in the library and was even more enthralled with learning about their history. I hadn't been able to locate anyone who could teach me this skill. I knew if I was going to do it - I had to be able to do it right. I also knew that it was possible because mom told me that she was going to have them repaired at a doll hospital on Barton Street by the General Hospital. Unfortunately the people who operated it had retired and no one had taken their place.
Finally, I found a lady in Cambridge Ontario who taught porcelain dollmaking. I signed up for that course thinking that if I could make a doll, I certainly would be able to repair my moms. That was in 1978. I've learned a lot from many different people since that time and yes I did finally repair those lovely antiques to their original beauty. My mom proudly displayed them in her living room for many years and they became more precious everyday.
Gail was always a doll lover and as she got older, I would bring out these treasures and show them to her and tell her of their history. She joined me at the doll shoppe when we opened it in 1986 helping out with our students. She said she was the apprentice and learned quickly. She has taken many courses since that time with many different instructors and is now a Master Dollmaker with the Doll Artisan School of Dollmaking.
Donna's love layed in lace draping. She did amazing work and when her instructor retired, she too joined up with Gail and I and since that time has caught doll pox as well.
Our brother Rev. Dr. Ernest Taylor has ministered as an evangelist to young people and adults in over 100 countries. He founded Vision Trust International in 1997 and now works with orphaned and neglected children in 12 countries . He helps develop these 1200 (and growing) children mature into Christians equipped to live in their own culture. This global ministry has 19 employees and 26 volunteers in the USA and over 900 international staff that work with the children in orphanages, schools and churches.
In this capacity, knowing our love of dolls, he has brought us many dolls from all over the world and we have a lovely collection from him which we treasure.
Last but not least is our brother Gerry. He gives us a lot of support and treasures the dolls we have made for him based on his pasttimes. He also has made doll furniture and shelves for our shoppe.
Our Mom, Mona, also worked in the shoppe for many years and we called her the dress fairy as she would take the naked dolls home and bring them backed dressed for us. We do miss that.


How Rainbow Treasures Came About


Rainbow is also the only store in Hamilton where your childhood "treasures" can be restored to former glory. Dolls, wigs, even clothing are given such loving attention to their original detail. Researched from vintage or antique catalogues illustrating your doll in its former porcelain, composition or hard plastic glory.


Remember that special Christmas or Birthday doll you received as a child now lovingly wrapped in tissue in your cedar chest loved literally to pieces....her arms fallen away, head dangling, hair and clothing in shreads? Oh how she was loved! Bring her to us! The composition baby doll, peeling paint, split and cracked. Bring her to us!